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Creative. Innovative. Strategic.
Innovative Marketing Solutions.
Strategic Branding Placement.
Fundamental Hands On Approach.
Exceptional Track Record.
Proven Results.
The essentials for the creative, 
forward-trending, strategic
thinking to maximize
your brand's potential.
Strategic Marketing Communications  
Editorial/Bylined Articles
Brochures     Blogs/Online   Content, 
Special Events   Video Production   Website Production
Digital Design  Advertising  Promotions

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"LSZ COMMUNICATIONS not only worked wonders in raising the brand profile but effectively built my image as brand ambassador as well."
-- Colin Asare-Appiah, U'luvka Vodka
"Amazing writer. Great exposure thanks to Lori Zelenko's winning vision for my brand!"
-- Catherine Marion, Founder, JEMILY Fine Jewelry
"Successful at capturing the interest and driving sales to our key target audiences for Rihanna, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton fragrances. We benefitted greatly."
-- Fred Purches, CEO, Parlux Fragrances, Inc.


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