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  • Lori Zelenko and Susan Traub

HAMPTONS PET SET - The latest Paws Up, Tails Down Tips For New York Dog Lovers and Pet Parents

Heading out to The Hamptons with your pet? With sand and sea on our minds, we wanted to share practical and personal tips for a happy and healthy summer vacation in The Hamptons. Whether it’s for a weekend, a few weeks, or the entire season, here’s the scoop on how to maximize fun in the sun with your pet. The inside track on how to get there, where to stay and how to keep your pet safe and healthy.

GETTING THERE Getting there is half the fun. Whether by train, plane or automobile (i.e. jitney), there are variations from the affordable to the sublime. Starting at the top, the fastest pet-friendly way to travel to The Hamptons is by Blade Helicopter that services Long Island. Easily able to accommodate pets up to 25 pounds (without an additional fee), ‘coptering is quick and easy. Larger pets over 25 pounds can be accommodated with prior planning. Helicopters have weight restrictions; meaning if you are accompanied by a 125-pound Mastiff, maybe a private jet is your best choice.

Traveling with a large puppy or tiny lap dog, arriving at Teterboro from LA? What to do to get out East? Fly private, of course. And the best choice with the least commitments, JetWay Private Air. Geared up for spontaneous travel and pet-friendly to the max, JetWay is ready to accommodate the “one-offs”—travelers with pets who need a swift, luxurious and prompt lift to The Hamptons. No long-term contracts, a 60 percent savings over similar private jet programs, no blackout days, no upfront deposits and most importantly, no restrictions on pets; that’s JetWay’s way of doing business. It’s not often that a pilot himself helms a company, but this is the case Chet Dudzik at JetWay Private Air counts on with his impressive in-flight expertise to assure an extra level of safety and precaution at every altitude, from the ground up.

Of course, there is still the Hampton Jitney; affordable and convenient but prone to the pitfalls of getting stuck in traffic. Pets are allowed on board the Jitney in carrying cases, with a 12-ride pack costing $108. Passengers with service dogs may travel with their dog out of a carrier. However, the law has been updated to narrow the definition of service animals to dogs that are trained to perform specific tasks related to the owner’s proven disability. Emotional support animals sadly no longer qualify.

If it’s likely that you or your house guests and their “fur babies,” will have a layover in Manhattan, Julie Weintraub of the real estate firm, AKAM Living Services for “discerning owners,” suggests staying at NYC’s Kimpton Hotels where they have a Director of Pet Relations on staff. Not only does Kimpton offer “fetching” pet perks such as a VIP (Very Important Pet) amenity delivered to your room, but also pet bowls, pet beds, dog leash and other necessities for your stay. With prior planning, there’s little or nothing they won’t do to pamper your pooch.

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